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Student Assistant (m/f/d) for Communications in a European Cultural Network

Student Assistant (m/f/d) for Communications in a European Cultural Network

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European Choral Association

Branche : Kunst, Kultur & Sprachen

Beschäftigungsart :
450-EUR-Basis, Werkstudium
Dauer :
3 months, with the possibility of prolongation
Beginn :
November 2021
Vergütung :
Mini Job, Part-time
Berufserfahrung :
bis 2 Jahre
Kontakt­auf­nah­me :

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Join our international team in Bonn, the seat of the European Choral Association. Bring in your communication experience and skills and your creativity, contribute to our social media, improve our website, produce visual content, design various marketing campaigns and support our communication manager.


How it all started:

In the late 1950’s, conductors from different European countries, many of whom had been soldiers in World War II, met during a youth event at Loreley (Germany) and discussed what would be the best way to make sure that their young singers would not want to go to war with each other ever again. They’ve created a festival in which choirs would not only sing for each other, but also participate together in different workshops. Furthermore, singers would be sleeping in the same accommodation, eating together, and spending their free time together, thereby making friends for life and never going to war against each other again. 


Our association grew out of this story and today we’re a network of organisations, choirs and individuals in the field of collective singing in Europe. Through our membership, we represent more than 2,5 million singers, vocal leaders/conductors, creators/composers, educators/teachers and managers in over 40 European countries and reach out to more than 37 million people across the whole of Europe. Member-based, project-based, we have it all. 


What drives us, you ask? Well, we want to have everyone in Europe... or even better - everyone in the world experiences the benefits of collective singing. And to achieve that, there’s a lot of work to do! Therefore, we want to have you join our team and really experience how it is to work in the international cultural sector. You’ll be joining meetings and brainstorming sessions where you get to bring a real contribution.


What do we offer:

A part-time position for a student as a Mini job (450 EUR/month), flexible and with the possibility of working from home (or from a cafe if that’s what you like) and from our office in Bonn, starting in November, initially limited to 3 months, with the option of prolonging the contract afterwards as well as adding working hours.


What will you be doing:

  • be contributing to the management of all our social media channels, involved in planning and structuring, as well as producing visual content (images, videos);
  • you help create, plan and implement online campaigns and contribute to process optimisation in terms of marketing; 
  • you spend some time on the back end of our website, doing content management and contribute to reports; 
  • you assist in the management process of the recent rebranding of the association.


What we would love to see in you:

It would be useful for you and for us to be a student of communications or cultural management. Also, we acknowledge the uniqueness of people around, so you don’t have to fit every criteria, yet if you’d match our ideal candidate, you would:

  • Be proactive. We would love to work with somebody who really cares about the work they do, who takes initiative and steps up when needed. We’ll love seeing initiative and ownership over your work. Working in the cultural sector is a dynamic environment. Show us that you are willing to contribute and take ownership of your small projects. 
  • Ask questions. We’ll either answer them or look for answers together.
  • Have very good English skills. Of course, any other additional language is going to play to your advantage... Did we mention that our members come from 40 different countries?
  • Be comfortable with online tools in general and have some experience with social media channels, as well as basic knowledge in WordPress.
  • Be willing to learn from the team, but also do some research on your part and find solutions by yourself as well. In the end, Google is a friend of us all. 


What’s in it for you:

  • get insights into the processes and structure of a European cultural network 
  • face new challenges and get practical experience
  • be responsible for your own projects
  • join a dynamic and inspiring international team
  • attend the Membership Weekend of the association in Lyon, France at the end of November
  • access networking events of the association 
  • if we get along well, on both sides, and we will be successful with our latest EU application, we could extend the internship beyond the end of 2021.


Up for the challenge? Then here’s a short practical task for you!

Create an image of 2000 x 2000 px in which you promote one cultural event you’ve attended in the past and enjoyed (go back as far as you’d like, 2020 was a hard year for us all). You decide if it’s an advert, a web-section, an illustration, a video, your choice. Also, you can choose the programme you use. Write some short text to go with your image when publishing it online and specify for which platform you wrote it.


Please send us the result at, together with a CV and a few lines about yourself and why you are interested in this job. 


Deadline for applications: 28 October 2021

Online interviews: 1-3 November 2021 (with possible exceptions)

Final decision: 5 November 2021